TextByChoice® was established in 2011 to create a better way for businesses and organizations to connect with their audiences.

Our mission is to connect you with your audience in a more successful way with text messaging.

TextByChoice has developed a comprehensive, commercial texting engine that bridges the gap by providing a 2-way, instant communication mechanism. Our messaging platform uses SMS technology to create a direct connection with the intended audience in real time – all while keeping costs under control.

The following defines our guiding principles:

  • To conduct our business with the highest ethical and professional standards
  • To provide you pristine software and outstanding customer service
  • Create value for your business or organization by implementing innovative ideas to help solve problems

Meet the friendly, global team behind TextByChoice!

Nizar Bhojani


Nizar founded TextByChoice back in 2011. He loves his entrepreneurial journey and shares the passion and struggles with many of his kind alike. He believes in one principal – work hard while keeping your dignity intact.

Nizar also believes in building bridges. He loves running, playing ping pong, golf, and has an interest in astronomy. He finds pride in being engaged in community service and was a proud Boy Scout.

Learn more about Nizar here.

Nizar N. Bhojani

Product Advisor

Nizar N. Bhojani Jr. is an MBA graduate from Cornell with a computer engineering background. He’s passionate about solving problems using technology keeping the human perspective in mind.
He likes Table Tennis (ping pong, as some amateurs above would call it, ahem), and can also sing and dance, Bollywood mostly.
Nizar is a devoted husband, proud father, and passionate about social causes involving equal rights, global poverty, and childhood education.

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Ron Klein

Strategic Advisor

Inventor of the credit card magnetic strip!

• Entrepreneur – Strategic Advisor – Business Consultant • Inventor • Mentor • Problem Solver • Speaker

Ron is a successful CEO and entrepreneur. He is the inventor and developer of some of the most important technologies. Today he guides a new generation of inspired entrepreneurs to achieve brand new levels of success and productivity.

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Christof Hammerli

Financial Advisor

Christof is an executive with 20 years of experience in various M&A, acquisitions, finance, risk management and corporate development roles.

Responsible for assembling a portfolio of net-leased, accretive real estate within the growing Healthcare and Data Center industries is the driving force for Christof Hammerli as Chief Acquisitions Officer, at Carter Validus Advisors, LLC and Carter Validus Advisors II, LLC.

Learn more about Christof here.

Mukee R Kabani

Marketing Manager

Mukee is a traveler, blogger, and wifey. She loves to write and travel and has been to 8 countries and 26 cities. Moreover, she intends to pursue a double master’s degree in communication.

She went to university in Karachi and studied media management. She began her career in the corporate world and has years of experience in marketing, public relations, social media, and creative writing. She has interviewed celebrities and has covered fashion shows, film premieres, and PR events.

Learn more about Mukee here.

Lindsay Crenshaw

Marketing Designer

Lindsay is a marketing design professional, who specializes in designing websites that convert. She uses a storytelling approach to focus on the customer journey and build digital sales tools that connect emotionally. Her copy-to-build process of website design ensures that every page is built to support both the sales team and ideal customers.

She is a mom of 2 little boys and loves exploring the outdoors with them. When she’s not working, she is passionate about helping them learn and grow with their homeschool lessons.

Learn more about Lindsay here.

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