We offer you an innovative communication method with superior tools and unmatched customer service.


TextByChoice developed a comprehensive, commercial text message engine that provides you with instant 2-way communication.

The average person needs only 5 minutes to get started

Our support team will help you formulate a text strategy

We guarantee 99% connectivity to your subscribers

There are over 300 MILLION cell phone users in the USA

More than 2 trillion text messages were sent last year in the US

Text messaging is more popular on mobile phones than social networking

Text messaging works on any cell phone; no need for a data plan or even a smartphone

73% of users say texting is most vital feature on the cellphone

Our messaging platform uses SMS technology (text message transmission) to create a direct connection with your intended audience in real time while keeping costs under control.

In short, TextByChoice modernizes and economizes communication for businesses and organizations. Our core products are built on the foundation of text messaging for two main reasons:

  1. Cell phones are regulated by the government. They cannot be spammed like email or web advertising. Thus, visibility is significantly higher. 98% of text messages are read! Compare this to 10% with emails and 2% with regular mail, it’s easy to see how the other avenues often result in wasted effort and capital.
  2. Unlike traditional media, by using our texting platform, you are only reaching out to targeted subscribers who are either part of your organization (e.g. members/staff/parents/) or have shown an interest in your products/services and are potential buyers. Thus, you are using your communication and marketing dollars very effectively!

By not using the text message notifications, you are missing out on a highly effective communication and marketing opportunity!



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