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Raise Awareness
Raise Donations
Gain Support

Watch this video to see Political Texting in action

What does FCC say?


Political text messages are allowed without prior opt-in.


Every message has to be sent individually / manually. Mass texting is not allowed.


If consent is present, then mass texting is allowed as usual.

How Does it Work?

Upload your list(s)

Create a campaign template

Send out individual and personalized messages by clicking a button for every text

Are Political Texts Effective?

In short, heck ya!

What’s the Process to Get Started?

We handle all the upstream work, so you don’t have to.

We, at TextByChoice, want to ensure you’re spending your time where it matters most, communicating with your constituents to raise awareness, raise funds, or ask for support / votes. We handle the entire set up and compliance side of things and follow all proper processes to ensure your campaigns are successful and your messages don’t get stuck in spam filters. This includes Campaign Verify, Campaign Registration, and 10DLC setup.

What's the Cost?

One Time Setup

Including all of the above upstream processes

Reduced for a limited time!


Campaign Registry + 10DLC


TextByChoice Credits:


Reduced for a limited time!
$0.03 $0.02 each

Managed Service: (We send messages for you, just give us the info: the lists, the messages, date / time to send)

Reduced for a limited time!
$0.05 $0.04 each

How do Credits Work?