With TextByChoice’s turnkey texting solution, you can be up and running in no time. There’s no hardware or software to install.


Texting Keyword subscribers

Your subscribers opt-in using a keyword. For example, they text the keyword “ABC” to a longcode or a shortcode. They then become part of a list that you can text message through the portal.

Texting List Subscribers

If you have a pre-existing list of subscribers that you’d like to upload into the system, you do so in the List Management module. Once a list has been uploaded, you can add, update, and delete subscribers dynamically on the web; there’s no need to upload a new list just to make minor updates. You can text the entire list at once or pick and choose individuals or filtered groups from within that list to send texts to. And you can also text multiple lists in one go. We eliminate any duplicates across the lists before messages go out.

Automatic Opt-Out

If a subscriber decides to opt out, all they have to do is respond to a text with STOP and they’re automatically removed from their Keyword group or List Management. No work needed at your end to remove them. If you upload another list with the opted out individual, they remain opted out. We handle it for you.

Personalized Reminders

As opposed to mass texts that send the same message to everyone in a list or keyword group, you can also send personalized appointment reminders to your subscribers by uploading their names and appointment times. Then, one click of the “Send Now” button and each person on the list gets a personalized message reminding them of their appointment date and time with instructions to respond, if needed.

Two-way Texting

Subscribers can respond to your texts just like any other text. If you are set up to receive text responses in real time, every text will come in as an email to the email address of your choice (in addition to being recorded in the reporting section). Then, you can simply respond to the email to send a text back to the subscriber and continue a one-on-one conversation right from your email inbox. Your recipient will continue to receive texts when you respond. Use this feature to accept work requests, take purchase orders, conduct RSVPs, or receive appointment reschedule requests!

Attachments as Links

You can send attachments as links that your subscribers can click on (PDFs, JPGs etc.). The advantage here is that the message still goes out as a simple text that all phones can receive and the recipient has the option to click and learn more. This way you can pack in newsletters and lengthy disclaimers as clickable “attachments”.


Easily schedule messages in the future. You can also set up recurring weekly, monthly, yearly messages.

Link Shortener

Create a shortened link on the fly with the built-in link tool – save precious space in your outgoing text!

Free Keyword

Every account receives one free keyword to create an opted-in group of subscribers. Easy list growth.

Fully Secure

Your subscribers’ information is always protected using the latest data security measures. Period.

24:7 Uptime

We guarantee 99.9% system uptime, so you can focus on what matters most – your business!

Made-for-You Plans

Need a completely custom plan? Call us at 877-657-6555 so we can create a custom plan for your business.


Grow on the go! Use your smartphone to access your account and send messages with just a few taps.

Customized Registration

Create a welcoming registration message for your subscribers that opt-in.

Free Reports

Download your reports for outgoing and incoming messages.



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